Kalamazoo DilBit Spill

This footage is from February 2012; the spill occurred in July 2010. As of today the cleanup remains incomplete.

InsideClimate News has won a Pulitzer Prize for reporting on this matter and their ebook on the subject can be downloaded from Amazon.

This bears directly on both the Mayflower AR spill and on the Keystone XL pipeline [UPDATE] , as well as on the Northern Gateway pipeline which is being proposed in British Columbia.


  1. There has been a wonderful proliferation of dark humor about spills on YouTube. The Kalamazoo spill is finally getting some air but it's been around for a long time. Too bad the general public is so occupied with the Roman circus they are unlikely to notice it. (And, of course, things like the Boston marathon bombings take up all the oxygen for days, as well. Appears they have a suspect - heavy helicopter presence overhead around here.)

    Seems our news sources are only capable of talking about one topic at a time, and love to do in-depth while issues worldwide go hang. Too bad they didn't cover the Keystone protests in depth, but better late than never.

  2. Dark humor: This old one is a favorite of mine, though it's really quite unfair. (Actually BP really did a good job on the Gulf leak-plugging, if not on the original leaking)


    Any other links? We're always hungry for stuff to put in the video slot.

  3. I keep hearing titbits on the remaining problems from that spill and possibly Corexit as well in the Gulf. I don't think it's as clean as the advertisers would have us all believe. I'd like a reality check on a variety of reported related health problems as well. This comment is, as no doubt you will remark, short on specifics. If I come across 'em in a timely manner, will put it up. Here's one:

    The report details the devastating long-term effects on human health and the Gulf of Mexico ecosystem stemming from BP and the federal government's widespread use of the dispersant Corexit, in response to the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill. Evidence suggests that the cleanup effort has been more destructive to human health and the environment than the spill itself.

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