With Friends Like These

Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski, a Republican, gave an energy talk at a conference in New York City.

Fortune headlines the talk “A Republican senator on climate change: It’s real, we need to fight it“, but that may not capture the position she was taking all that well. “As I argue in my Energy 20/20, report, that oil scarcity is a myth and that the U.S. can become energy independent if we pursue all forms of energy. We still have billions of barrels in Alaska that sit untapped. There are abundant reserves offshore in the lower 48.” she said, and went on to suggest that subsidies for renewables out to be phased out.

How is this climate realism? Well, here’s the headline comment:

“It doesn’t make sense to argue about how much global warming is caused by man — whether it’s 5% or 50%. The best approach is to have a no-regrets policy.”

Talk about moving the bar.

Look, folks, the background trend has been a gradual cooling for 6000 years. And there’s no sign of big changes in natural forcing. That means that most likely more than 100% of the warming is due to human activity. Conceding 5% to 50% is pretty clueless.

And then there’s this:

While opposed to the government funding the next “Solyndra” Murkowski believes the federal government has an important role in supporting basic R&D.

The government should only support R&D when it is going to work, see? If it doesn’t work, well then that funding was a scandal in the first place. Why do research if you don’t know the result? Seems an awfully risky kind of research, especially with taxpayer dollars…

Well, I suppose they learned all of this from Heartland. Why support research if you don’t know the answer in advance? You could be wasting your money!

Really you should only engage the sort of scientists who can deliver the results you have paid for.



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