Citizens’ Climate Lobby

The Citizens’ Climate Lobby is active in the US and Canada. It’s expressed purpose is “To create the political will for a stable climate. To empower individuals to have breakthroughs in exercising their personal and political power.”

They are pushing for the revenue neutral carbon tax idea in the US, and hope to break through the wall of stubborn foolishness that characterizes the federal Republican party these days. Read their pamphlet “Earth to GOP: Why it’s okay to accept the science on climate change

(I do wish people would drop the stupid abbreviation “GOP” though…)

If you’re a North American looking for a way to be a positive force on this issue, you might consider checking this organization out. They have an introductory phone conference every week on Wednesday evenings.

Held every Wednesday at 5:00 PM Pacific, 8:00 PM Eastern.

This call is for people who are new to CCL and would like to know more about us, what we do and how we do it. Participants on the call will receive all relevant information about starting or joining a CCL Group. Email Mark Reynolds for more information.

This is not a discussion group or a support group. It’s all about increasing the profile of the issue both publicly and within the legislatures, and is action-oriented.

This month’s key action is to seek signatures, from organizations, businesses, and faith communities, to the following letter:

Congress: Put a tax on carbon to curb climate change

Nearly all the scientific experts agree on the basics of climate change. The Earth is warming. Humans are doing it. It’s already harming us and other species. If we continue burning fossil fuels at recent rates, it poses far more dangerous and significant risks for our children and
grandchildren. We are approaching a dangerous threshold whereby, if it is crossed, the earth will simply take the controls out of our hands, and tropical forests, peat bogs, permafrost and the oceans will switch from absorbing carbon to releasing it.

We still have time to act—if we start now. We know what to do. We have affordable, practical solutions that don’t require great sacrifice. We can adopt a balanced approach. We can cut energy demand with efficiency innovations and some additional conservation, and we can scale up energy supplies with existing alternative technologies that don’t burn carbon.

Our first step has to be a big one. We can avoid the worst impacts of global warming if we put a federal, revenue neutral carbon tax on fossil fuels that reflects their true costs to society.

There is an emerging consensus among economists that the smartest approach is to enact a consumer-friendly carbon tax in the following way:

  • Goal. Reduce emissions to 80 % below 2005 levels by 2050.
  • Start small, Increase predictably. Increase the tax slowly but steadily until we hit our emissions goal. Businesses need predictable energy prices. The economy needs a smooth transition.
  • Easy to administer at home and to emulate abroad. The tax is collected only once—at the first point of sale—the mine, wellhead or border crossing.
  • Revenue neutral. All the revenue is returned to citizens to mitigate the economic impact. Government keeps none of the funds.
  • Protects the vulnerable. For lower-income Americans, the refunds match or exceed increased energy costs.
  • Protects businessfrom unfair domestic and international competition using border taxes< and credits.
  • Doesn’t play favorites. Lets markets and localities pick the winning technologies.

For the good of our nation, and to preserve a livable world for future generations, we urge you to enact this revenue-neutral tax on carbon.


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