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Just another climate rant. “It’s like watching space Nazis launch asteroids at us and the mainstream media talks exasperatedly about ‘those space Nazi people’ who are so quaintly concerned that we are all going to be vaporized in a giant fiery cataclysm while our top political leaders argue about who is more pro-asteroid.”


  1. Hello, everybody. I would like to present a modest effort on climate change by myself (Ugo Bardi) and some friends and colleagues. It is the new blog titled "The frog that jumped out"

    The idea is that there are many blogs about climate science, but not so many about communicating climate science (Planet 3.0 is one!). So, we hope to have a bit of an impact in this field and we are trying to do our best.


  2. Makes me think of bacteria in a petri dish again, many of them maybe saying the same things: "if we carry on like this, we're all gonna die in our own waste!"

    It's the most disturbing worry for me: that collectively we truly *are* no better than bacteria, whatever talents we may have at the individual or small community level - that our intelligence simply doesn't scale up and, like Hayek says, it's a dangerous illusion to believe it does.

    We either prove that wrong or we crash the planet (for our civilisation at least).

  3. Great to take another look at this. Short and clear. There was a lot of argument over at Grist about the swearwords onscreen, which prevent it being used in classrooms. So of course we can argue about swearwords instead of the point.

    It also occurs to me some of the metaphors fall down because our favorite thing to do to address problems is go to war. That's not going to work. If there is a huge communication problem, this to me encapsulates the issue, which is that we cannot mobilize an army and go kill some people to fix it.

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