Oklahoma Tornado Relief

The recent tornado seasons have given us much to think about, and we’ve got a piece in the works, but first things first.

The Oklahoma tprnado was particularly devastating. It’s easy for Americans to lend a hand, though. We got this in email via the Upworthy site:

Here’s how you can help. 

The Salvation Army is organizing mobile kitchens capable of serving 2,500 people a day and sending them into the hardest-hit areas in central Oklahoma. You can make a donation here, or make a $10 donation using your phone by texting STORM to 80888.

The American Red Cross has set up shelters in communities across The Plains. You can donate to the Red Cross Disaster relief fund here, or make a $10 donation using your phone by texting REDCROSS to 90999.

If you’re searching for a missing friend or relative or are within the disaster region and want to let folks know you’re OK, visit the Red Cross Safe and Well site here.

Stay safe, and take care of each other.

— Team Upworthy



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