Disappointing Development in Canada

Justin Trudeau, inheriting some of his parents’ charisma and their Liberal party affiliation, was supposed to be the salvation of the Liberal party. Hence he would be an obvious candidate leader for the restoration of Canada as a European-style pluralist consensus-based polyglot social democratic nation that it once unambiguously was.

But it appears that either the principles he stands for are shallow, or he has inadequate substantive advice on climate matters.

The National Post writes

Federal Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau has praised Alberta [Progressive-Conservative Party] Premier Alison Redford for her efforts to get the United States to approve the Keystone XL pipeline.

But Trudeau said Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s government hasn’t done enough to push the project.

“This (federal) government hasn’t done a very good job of reassuring either Canadians or our trading partners that we are serious about managing environmental sustainability,” Trudeau told reporters after shaking hands with commuters at a downtown subway station early Friday.

 “This is the kind of thing we need strong leadership on, and I’m pleased to see Premier Redford taking such a strong and balanced position on that.”

As a vintage Trudeauphile, I deeply and sadly regret the above and withdraw my support.


PS – Justin, si tu veux reconsiderer, chui disponib’



  1. I recall on the same day McGuinty said that Canadian resource exports, by raising the C$, hurt Ontario manufacturing -- the injury that once was known as the Dutch disease -- the same thought occurred to me.

    As far as I know, "subway station" implies Montreal or Toronto. Funny that Junior would expect easterners to be resource export fans.

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