Central Europe Flooding

Eyes in the US have been focused on the return of the missing severe storms, which were somehow absent last year.

Meanwhile, central Europe is encountering severe floods, eclipsing 50 to 70 year records UPDATE: without precedent over recent centuries in various places. At least eight people were reported to have died and nine were missing due to floods in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Czech Republic.

Screen shot 2013-06-03 at 5.52.52 PM

UPDATE: heaviest impact is on the Austrian – German border; See also here.

A liter per square meter works out to a millimeter; in American measurements the bullseyes have received over a foot of rain. .

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  1. eclipsing 50 to 70 year records in various places

    ???!! The great flood of 1954 is meanwhile dwarfed.

    E.g. Passau has eclipsed the 500-year record. In some places the levels of various floods are recorded as marks on old buildings, like this one in Passau with marks going back to 1501. But the rivers were different back then.

    After the last 100 year flood a few years back, 100s of millions got invested in flood control structures, incl. flood plains. That helped a lot. Alas you can't put a wall around Passau. The price of climate disruption.

  2. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-22797186

    "Dresden braces for flood as German rivers burst banks"

    Posted this morning. Interesting extract, which encapsulates the economic consequences of ignoring global climate change:

    'No money'

    On Wednesday, European Budget Commissioner Janusz Lewandowski announced that the EU's emergency fund had already been depleted.

    "The scale of the catastrophe is absolutely beyond the reimbursement [possible] in these countries," he told reporters in Brussels.

    "We are without resources, for sure; for the European Solidarity Fund. In 2013 it is not possible."

    He added that one option would be for countries to be reimbursed for their emergency measures only next year.

    Go figure. How exactly is next year going to be better? And the one after that?

  3. Thanks for the UPDATE graphics. I've spent some of these days visiting a small Rainbow Family tent camp slightly north of the bullseye. (These folks are no sissies.) Tuesday I was joking that it's not really raining yet. Saturday/Sunday, when the real rain finally hit, the ground was pre-saturated and the rain waters were flowing all around in the forest. Quite amazing.

  4. Martin Gisser and other interested parties: Earth Observatory has rolled out one of its excellent satellite comparisons on your floods:


    I recommend the site.

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