Jamais Cascio Climate Management / Geoengineering Roundtable Tuesday

Via David Brin, who’s on the panel:

Join us this Tuesday June 18 at 11 a.m. Pacific, as we take on Reinventing Climate Management with scenario thinker Jamais Cascio, author of the book Hacking the Earth: Understanding Geoengineering. He will lead a terrific group of scientists and other innovators (plus me… for comic relief) wrestling with this issue in this roundtable. Join in with your questions and ideas.

Managing the climate in the face of global warming is a wicked problem that requires getting almost every independent nation highly coordinated. What would a system of global governance look like that’s up to the true challenges ahead? And how do we start thinking about whether we need to take more desperate steps in the form of geoengineering?


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