Extraordinary Flooding in North India

The western mountain states of India have been hard hit by early and extreme monsoon rains.

The only meteorology I’ve seen on the subject is Jeff Masters’ blog entry at Wunderground.

Hardest hit was the province of Uttarakhand just west of Nepal.


This has been the deadliest natural disaster of the year to date. Hundreds are confirmed dead, and thousands are missing. Uttarakhand is a traditional destination of religious pilgrimages, and the rains arrived earlier than normal, so a large number of people of limited means and no local social support have been affected. Tens of thousands have been evacuated. The ongoing humanitarian problem is exacerbated by continued rain.

There are some informal claims that the rain event is “unprecedented”, but looking for substantive confirmation has been frustrating so far. (Any ideas?) Flooding may have been exacerbated by land use changes as well as extreme weather.

There have been casualties and damage in Nepal as well. The map shows another bullseye considerably to the east in ordinarily arid Tibet. One wonders what happened there, though it is a sparsely settled area.



  1. A large number of the fatalities have been caused by landslides: http://blogs.agu.org/landslideblog/
    Some of these may have been exacerbated by land use changes, but it's unclear how much it had to do with the Kedarnath slide.

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