More Weaseling (not the good kind, either) from Heartland

This is a follow-up to the recent Heartland story wherein they strongly implied that translation of their ridiculous flagship document amounted to an endorsement of its legitimacy by the translator.

You may recall that the Chinese Academy of Sciences demanded an apology from Heartland, and got an unsatisfying little bit of weaseling instead.

Not satisfied with that, Heartland is now trying to spin its way further out of their latest self-inflicted goal:

When The Heartland Institute originally announced the publication on June 12, environmental activists falsely claimed our news release stated that the CAS endorsed our views on global warming. In fact, The Heartland Institute never claimed the Chinese Academy of Sciences endorsed our views. This is also made clear in the English preface of the translated book, which says the project was undertaken “to help Chinese researchers understand different points, opinions and positions in debates on climate change.”

It has been Heartland’s position all along, and we reiterate it here, that the decision of the CAS to translate and publish this work is a significant development in the global debate over climate change. We properly conveyed our own opinions about the implications of the decision in our original news release.

Regrettably, the lies of some advocates, perhaps aided by confusion caused by the language barrier, led Chinese officials to threaten to cancel a planned workshop in Beijing for some of the authors and translators of Climate Change Reconsidered. With four scientists representing The Heartland Institute already in Beijing, we agreed to remove the news release and the book itself from our Web site.

Now that the workshop has been successfully concluded, we have restored our original news release here. The statement we posted to appease Chinese officials appears here. The entire book can once again be read or downloaded in PDF form here.

Emphasis added. “Appease”. Charming as always. Big City Lib has contacted the Chinese Academy regarding this latest affront to decency, and got this in return:

Dear Mr. Murphy,

It’s very kind of you to remind us the repost of the Heartland release. We have notice it last week. The CAS attitude towards the translated book had been made clear in the statements on June 15 as follows: We are sure that we have sent you the translator’s preface in our last email, in which the translator had addressed his views on climate change and on the translation of the book.

We hope to receive your continuing focus on the Chinese Academy of Sciences, both on its scientific efforts & achievements and on its official website.

Chinese Academy of Sciences

I translate it as

“’nuff said as far as we are concerned. We certainly won’t be dealing with those bastards in future. Afraid it’s your problem from here out, though, not ours; please don’t try to tangle us up in your problems even further. If anyone over there actually wants to talk actual science, please do not hesitate to get in touch.”


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