Why the Climate Makes Climate Change Communication Difficult

The Chapman Conference talks are up. So far they’ve all been worth watching. Simon’s, shown here, ties in to our recent theme about “global warming” as cause or as effect. In short, in a public sphere, language matters. Responsible participants need to tread carefully.

(I also particularly recommend Stephan’s talk, which I think is particularly brilliant, and Richard Alley’s State of the Science keynote. Still watching and enjoying them. -mt)


  1. Any chance we can get the AGU Chapman folks to provide a site for people to put up notes on the various talks? (of which there are way too many for any but obsessives to watch)

    Or maybe you could provide a set of links to talknotes, as a P3 post?

    (If so, I'll start putting them up)

  2. Looking forward to some of this.

    Meanwhile, I'd like to recommend Geoffrey Haines-Styles Earth the Operators Manual, optimistic for a change ...

    In addition, I really enjoyed Jeff Masters' talk about how Wunderground thrived and grew though what looked to me like a kind of creative chaos.


    Note to self: check out a few more ...

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