Sea Ice Reconstruction

Screen shot 2013-07-11 at 10.12.02 AM


  1. So nobody will believe it -- A hockey shtick!


    Which reminds me that I lost track of a genetic study of whale parasites. Dunno which whale, but one with separate Pacific and Atlantic populations. Using the genetic clock one can estimate when these populations met last time, i.e. when the Arctic last time was open enough just as today. (E.g. in 2010 a gray whale made it through the Northwest Passage into the Mediterranean.)

  2. This implies there's some kind of leveling off around 8M sq kilometers. I think the original is from this 2011 article.

    Things have moved on quite a bit since then. Please take a look at some of the top data graphics in the link below. NSIDC, upper left second row, is the simplest. Extent (imnhso a less useful measure than volume) was below 4M sq kilometers last year, and this year, while it had a slow start, has suddenly started to cave. There's a big discussion about whether the cold late start will be trumped by the absence of solid multi-year ice (aka presence of "rotten" ice), but there is no question that the end result in 2013 will be lower than or close to half the lowest scale provided here. There's a good chance it will be below 3M. We will know by late September.

    Going slightly off message, I get very tired of the way scientific thinkers bend over backwards to accommodate a very effective smokescreen operation. Letting their crowing over annual recovery, or working with averages that hide the incline, is playing their game. I'm all for truth, but the truth is that recent data are off the charts, as demonstrated here.

  3. Some comments aren't appearing - I think, comments that are replies to other comments. Though my last one on the open thread didn't appear either, I presumed someone had set the open thread to not appear in the recent comments box. Watch this one appear now just to prove me wrong...

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