Heavy Rain Sets New Seasonal Record in Philadelphia


With weeks to spare, a two inch rainfall in Philadelphia has put 2013 further over the top as the wettest June-July-August there.

This total includes an 8.02 inch rainfall on July 28, the wettest single day on record at Philadelphia by a wide margin. The previous record had been held by a tropical storm.


  1. That 8 inch rain was something - flooded main road east-west in Philadelphia and put power out at airport for hours - people had to be rescued from their cars in flooded immobile traffic jams. (Princeton is closer to Philly than NYC and in a different climate system though only 40 miles south, more like Delaware and Maryland: previous sea bottom with west end of rift valley nearby (excess detail for fellow geography lovers).)

    Would it be an possible to put these weather/geography/geology extreme items in some kind of grouping? I see you just did China heat wave (which included Japan) and Colorado River.

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