Fires Threatening Yosemite and Yellowstone; UPDATE – San Francisco Infrastructure at Risk

The two most famous wilderness areas in America and are both threatened as uncontrolled wildfires encroach.

UPDATE (NBC Bay Area):

The raging Rim Fire that’s been burning out of control since Saturday forced California Gov. Jerry Brown to declare a state of emergency for San Francisco late Friday.

The governor said he declared the emergency because the wildfires in Tuolumne County have caused damage to electrical infrastructure serving the City and County of San Francisco.

His statement read in part that the fires “now threaten damage to property, equipment, and resources of the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission.”

The PUC has had to shut down transmission lines, which the governor said could cause a temporary interruption of electricity and/or water delivery.

Brown declared it an “imminent threat to critical infrastructure assets.”


  1. One of my fundamental complaints about fire coverage is the lack of links to up-to-date maps. For the Beaver Creek Fire, which threatened the Sun Valley area, I had to search for half an hour to find a fire map. Given that this fire is mapped, and threatening important infrastructure, and that it is relatively easy to put together the fire line with threatened infrastructure, why is there no news agency that does this?

  2. You can't ask the Forest Service (out of money), and news business is not interested in reporting climate stuff. (You might take advantage of this non-information: In summer ca. 1992 I had Yosemite back country almost for myself, for it was evacuated due to fire.)

    This year is the second consecutive year and the sixth year since 2002 that the Forest Service has had to divert funds for fighting fires. The Forest Service’s wildfire fighting budget was slashed by $115 million by automatic, across-the-board sequester cuts that went into effect earlier this year. (...) These cuts come as costs to fight wildfires each year are soaring: during the 1990s, the federal government spent less than $1 billion a year fighting wildfires, but since 2002, it’s spent a yearly average of more than $3 billion.

  3. The BBC provides an overview map:

    And Earth Observatory does this kind of thing as well:

    Simple search found this overview site:

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