American Scientists Moving to China?

Sam Stein at Huffington reports “New data compiled by a coalition of top scientific and medical research groups show that a large majority of scientists are receiving less federal help than they were three years ago, despite spending far more time writing grants in search of it. Nearly one-fifth of scientists are considering going overseas to continue their research because of the poor funding climate in America.” …

“of the 10 countries investing the most money in scientific research, the United States is the only country that has reduced its investment in scientific research as a percentage of GDP since 2011”


  1. That's the price of fake, simulated poverty. If we'd hypnotized ourselves into this a few decades earlier then there would have been no possibility of jumbo-sized tax dodgers like Microsoft, Google, Amazon and the like since little they sell would have been in the realm of existence.

    Probably even worse are such as Boeing and Lockheed, both of which are eagerly suckling from the tit of government-funded research and government-funded business but paradoxically absolutely averse to paying taxes and paying multitudes of lobbyists to improve their deadbeat business models.

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