Surface Temperature Anomaly by Latitude and Time


via GISS


  1. That's the most informative temp graph I've seen in some time.

    But the GISS link you give is to a cgi, gives error "I cannot construct a plot from your input.".

    [ Thanks. Fixed. Thanks again. ]

  2. Bad graph (not)! I can't see the "hiatus"! Has global warming not stopped?

    (Link typo: "hhttp://...")

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  5. This is beyond compelling! How could one even begin to 'spin' this to deny global warming? Oh sad.

  6. Interesting how 1) the late 20th century dip (attributed to industrial aerosols?) seems confined to the Arctic and 2) how periodic, or at least intermittent the anomalies are in the Antarctic.

  7. First, a fact-free comment: That is simply amazing! You cant' ask for much more from a graph. Immediately understandable and impactful.

    To James: I haven't looked so I don't know, but my guess is that the denialist spin would be "sure, it's easy to doctor the temperatures and make it look any way you want." One pseudonymous "Steven Goddard" of "Real Science" infamy spins data this way several times each day. I used to watch but gave it up and started looking at free energy sites. They're just as silly, much more entertaining, and not nearly as maddening.

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