Communicating Complex Ideas in Politicized Environments 101

Helpful ideas for anyone entering the fray.

I like this talk because it is totally Cluetrain compatible. The most important of the 95 Cluetrain theses is #3. “Speak with a human voice.”

(Found here.)


  1. The conclusion of the talk delivers a simple substantive relation; that suitably measured "source credibility" can be literally expressed as a product (a multiplication) of "perceived interest proximity" ("Do you want what I want?") and "perceived relative expertise" ("Do I think you know something about it?").

    It makes some sense, and I thought the presentation was compelling. But I think there's a third axis, that of "perceived attentional salience". He refers to it multiple times in the talk, very cleverly and amusingly, but it doesn't show up on the one equation he shows.

    Basically, I think the equation holds only if you hold the attention of the audience well enough by presenting matters effectively. That is "Is the audience enjoying your company?"

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