The Wrongest Denial In History

Australian actor Topher Field has staked out a position that mitigating climate change will cost 50 times more than enduring it.

His calculations are stunningly wrong. I find that he has made six quantitative errors, every one of them slanted against mitigation.

Because we don’t want to host boring fiskings of denialism here on Planet3.0, I have posted my analysis on my old blog. It’s not an especially interesting read, though the end result is impressive. His calculation is misdesigned at several levels, but taken at face value is wrong by a factor of twenty thousand.

Nevertheless, without apparently bothering to consult with anyone who has any idea what they are talking about, he has spearheaded a kickstarter-funded production of a fairly slick video making this jaw-droppingly wrong claim.

It stands a chance of being the wrongest denial ever.


  1. I was going to suggest this might be significant, a way to highlight the lack of scepticism in some 'sceptics'. However, having gone to WUWT to look for his post I have been reminded again of the scale of the problem.

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