Is Ocean Acidification the Dominant CO2 Risk?

This is the best short video I have found on the matter but I think it actually doesn’t explain ocean acidification successfully.

If you have an hour to put in watch Caldeira’s 2012 AGU talk which actually has the scoop:


  1. I was just collecting a few links on the subject. The video is particularly good, not technical but practical and accessible, and appears to have a good written summary with pictures of the contents:



  2. So the scientific point that most people seem to be missing is that acidification is not caused by CO2 concentrations per se but by rapid changes in concentrations. I hope those links make the point. Other than what I learned in a classroom from Francis Bretherton in the 90s, Caldeira's talk is the only place I've seen this mentioned. I think it's crucial.

  3. Quite crucial if you want to explain to an intelligent denier what's the difference between now and any old natural climate change.

    So the last time was 300m years ago? Need to check. That should really blow the hat off anybody. Compare with history of "higher" life. We seem to aspire to the most pervert catastrophe in the history of life since the Cambrian explosion.

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