Gavin Schmidt at AGU – On Advocacy

A don’t miss session from this year’s meeting was Gavin’s talk on advocacy: “What Should a Climate Scientist Advocate for? The Intersection of Expertise and Values in a Politicized World”

To watch you will have to register at and jump through the hoops. Do not panic when they ask you for $100. Instead enter the coupon code


Then you can find Gavin’s talk at

Any other links to worthwhile talks of broad interest from this or prior years would be welcome.

UPDATE: Dan: Gavin’s talk, amongst many more from AGU is now on Youtube:


  1. Although I know this information is readily available in a number of places, I'd like to remind people that the AGU can be accessed for free until the end of December. When I used the link above, it shut down after 20 minutes or so. What one does is create an account, wait for the response, and use that and the promotional code to get the access. It was not difficult, but if anyone is daunted by the initial charge, using the code fixes that.

    "Create an account" is at the bottom of the first screen.

    promo code AGU13

    (I got this information initially from the Guardian, so it's public for interested parties.)

    There is also a good presentation from Richard Alley:

    (It too will require login, as noted above.)

  2. "Without honesty, to ourselves, to our audience, to our science, there is no possibility of being effective in a sustainable and responsible way."

    and Gavin's final slide from Nobelist Sherwood Rowland:

    "What's the use of having developed a science well enough to make predictions if, in the end, all we're willing to do is stand around and wait for them to come true?"

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