Canadian Government Report: Pipelines Cause No Greenhouse Emissions

A thick, glossy report has been issued by Canada’s National Energy Board examining the environmental impact of the KXL alternative pipeline through British Columbia. Among its many reassuring conclusions, Chris Turner reports, is that the pipeline’s operation will be responsible for zero greenhouse gas emissions.

This is because any combustion processes happen either before the oil gets into the pipe or after it comes out the other end. Problem solved.

Give them credit for chutzpah, at least.

This isn’t the Canada I grew up in.

(h/t Stephen Leahy.)


  1. That was a great piece by Chris Turner.

    It enrages me that climate change considerations are excluded from this review process in Canada. As Turner's article makes clear, the review panel did consider the economic consequences upstream from building the pipeline.

    As for the downstream, end-use emissions, these too are ruled out of order. However, the BC Premier Christy Clark has argued that the downstream consequences of LNG exports from BC should be considered when assessing the impact on emissions in China, since the gas will displace coal. (The possibility of BC gas displacing Asian renewable or nuclear energy doesn't get mentioned and would probably be deemed inadmissible.)

    At least President Obama has said that for KXL: “The net effects of the pipeline’s impact on the climate will be absolutely critical to deciding whether this project goes forward.”

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