Keep Your Work

Some of my best articles were written for KCET’s Wired Science program and for Grist. They’ve vanished from the web. grumble. Of course, my personal computer files are a mess.


  1. "Of course, my personal computer files are a mess."

    Others have mentioned the wayback machine - that's saved a few of my old blog articles. As regards your local files - I use desktop indexing software (Copernic - you'd need a mac equivalent, there isn't a version for macs). It's incredibly useful for finding lost files, since we can pretty much always remember keywords or phrases. It also tends to turn up connections and bits of writing long forgotten.

  2. If I have local version of these they could be on any of several computers. I've long been casual about backups on my personal machines because I've always trusted that anything uploaded to the net is permanent, and anything important is uploaded. That'll teach me to trust the cloud.

    Don't trust the cloud, is my point exactly. At least, don't trust online journals to maintain continuity.

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