Mann vs Steyn

Barry Bickmore has a fascinating update and comment on Mike Mann’s libel case against a particularly offensive attack on his integrity.

Mike is neither Mother Theresa nor Albert Einstein; I find myself on occasion willing to disagree with him both in scientific substance and in policy approach. Still, he’s a decent, well-intentioned person and an entirely competent scientist. The claims against his integrity are absurd, and were the context not so serious they would be laughable.

Steyn refers to the famed “hockey stick” graph as a “climate model”. These people are hopelessly unqualified to judge scientific quality or integrity. For them to accuse anyone of any sort of scientific misconduct is arguably negligently indifferent to the facts of the matter in and of itself.

It’s also interesting to note how the deniers’ claim that they, the deniers, welcomed a discovery phase was pure bluster and complete BS. They appear to be doing everything possible to avoid a trial and hence a discovery phase.


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