All-Time January High Temperature Tied in Alaska

62 F yesterday at Port Allsworth AK, tying the state monthly record, contrasts with a huge cold outbreak in the US southeast. It has not yet broken the freeing mark in Austin today and we have light freezing drizzle disrupting everybody’s daily business.

More at Wunderground.


  1. There is a meteorological reason for it, having to do with the characteristic scale of the large features of the atmospheric flow. I don't know of a name for this specific configuration. The general principle is sometimes called "teleconnection".

    That has a sort of 1960s feel to it, doesn't it? Maybe my age is showing.

  2. The game's afoot!

    A couple days ago there was one set of wicked doings - cold here, hot up north, loopy jet stream, and a strong Iceland low over towards northern Europe. Now no doubt it is something different. Georgia is in a freezing emergency.

    (from the not-expert weather addict who has a hotshot meteorologist friend and adviser)

    Wonderful wind map. You can click on "earth" to get different views, and drag around for location, but some computers won't support it - memory hog,87.90,304

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