Being Wrong as a Test of Party Loyalty

Getting a scientific question wrong has become a litmus test for political fealty in the Republican party. This really is very awkward and wrongheaded. In the long run it bodes ill for the Republican party but if they stick to this craziness they can do a lot of damage meanwhile.

A nice article on the problem by D R Tucker is here (h/t Mike Mann via Facebook)


  1. I don't disagree with what you said, but my perception is that this has been the case for some time and it has already done a lot of damage. How to deal with it gets us back into arguments about framing versus the claim that there has not yet been an adequate public discussion of the facts, doesn't it? It threatens to turn what should be a rational science-based discussion into a political fight. Or has it already done that?

  2. While Europe as a whole has voted for some solid targets recently, things in the UK are looking a little squiffy - though we'll see after the next election (2015).

    At any rate, the Conservatives appear to be increasingly infected by something very similar to the Republicans: select committees are now ending up with a 50/50 scientist/"skeptic" split - that's new. Tory backbenchers are becoming more vocal in their derision as Cameron (on a rare occasion) states clearly he thinks climate change is linked to recent abnormal weather patterns. If they win again, we will be holding a referendum on EU membership - amazingly. So that might take care of the first problem.

    Seems to be a definite solidifying axis of denial, doesn't there? A relatively small but very powerful subset of countries with one main political party fully plugged in to the denial machine. The US, Australia, the UK, maybe Canada?

  3. Yes, it seems it will be the English (writ large) against the world, finally. Expecting New Zealand to tag along as a matter of form. I think the blame for this lies squarely with Mr. Murdoch.

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