Can We Talk About Climategate?

From the “Ding dong! The witch is dead!” department.

Delingpole, until recently a columnist at the influential Telegraph newspaper in the UK, has finally been properly marginalized.

He is now part of the new Breitbart UK enterprise, which may get a lot of clicks but hopefully not much influence.

It’s time that the comparable fringe of American denialism got the same treatment.


  1. That's rather a nice xkcd. Otherwise, it looks like distraction and deception central. A waste of time - the expense of spirit in a waste of shame - on a basketful of delusion and negativity.

    mt, you are welcome to borehole me if I've gone too far here. I'm kind of sick of pandering to the idea that there is any kind of equality in this kind of thing.

  2. Luckily he's too British to get hired by Fox News.

    I'm sick and tired that the loonies (lots of them in U.S. Congress!) don't receive proper ridicule. E.g. look at this utterly depressing episode: Bill Nye couldn't even muster a silent face palm.

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