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I’m talking to the Austin Yeller Dawg Democrats. I’d just as soon talk to the Republicans but so far they seem less inclined to invite me. Anyway, anybody local or who happens to be passing through is invited.

The Yeller Dawg Saturday Sages is a political discussion group that meets every Saturday from 11 am ’til 1 pm in the Fiesta Room at Tres Amigos, 1801 Capitol of Texas Hwy (aka Loop 360) just North of Barton Creek Square Mall.
Climate scientist Dr. Michael Tobis, who recently retired from the University of Texas where he worked as a climate scientist specializing in computer modeling, will be our speaker Saturday, May 10.
He obtained his doctorate in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences from the University of Wisconsin – Madison, and has also worked at Argonne National Laboratory and at the University of Chicago.
Michael has been active on the internet discussing the climate change problem since 1991, which is before most people had heard of either the climate change problem or the internet.
He is also site cofounder and editor-in-chief of Planet3.0.
Michael’s topic will be “Texas in the Changing Climate: Victim, Villain, or Hero?”
Order of Meeting:
• Please serve yourself coffee or tea, greet your friends, and take a seat.
• If you are going to need a menu, please pick one up as you come in so that you are ready to order.
• Call to order at 11:15: Starting at the right of the Chair and going counterclockwise, everyone is asked to state their name, clearly; this not only helps the Chair but may help anyone else who may be having a senior moment or is new to our group.
• Announcements.
• When we have a speaker, the Chair will state that the Speaker – or the person who will introduce the speaker – will be recognized as soon as the waiter has taken the food orders. We will proceed with the regular discussion until that time.
• So as not to interrupt the Speaker during the presentation, those wishing to ask a question are asked to raise their hand high enough for the Chair to see and their name can be added to the list. When the Speaker is ready for questions, the Chair will call in-order from the list.
• And after the Speaker and the question period ends, we will resume our regular discussion — just raise your hand and the chair will add you to the list.

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  1. Hi mt,

    Didn't know you were also joining the ranks of the retired. Great, isn't it? Can hardly remember what it's like to sit in a little grey cubicle 🙂

    Any now you can focus on what really matters, which probably isn't yet more terabytes of computer simulations...

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