Big City Lib on the GWPF

BCL has effective snark on the outing of the Global Warming Policy Foundation, as, well, not exactly operating in the public interest in the UK. When will Heartland, still holding onto 501(c)3 charitable foundation status, suffer a similar fate?


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  2. I guess it takes some chutzpah to claim in the press release:

    This arrangement reflects those used by other organisations with dual structures, such as Amnesty International UK and Greenpeace UK.

    Never mind that both AI UK and Greenpeace UK were set up as companies first with a later addition of charitable trusts to cover charitable activities, whereas GWPF was set up as an educational charity that now branches out into campaigning. I find it telling that they move the news articles and opinion pieces away from the charity, which on paper is beholden to factual accuracy.

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