John Oliver on the Climate “Debate”

Just joining the party on this one. I like what Chris Mooney said on MoJo:

Warning: If you watch this, you’ll never be able to watch a climate “debate” again without rolling your eyes


  1. More true than funny; it's true that the principal amusement is in the absurdity of the situation and not in Oliver's perception of it. That said, many of us find the bits about owls and hats rather amusing. I suppose your mileage may vary.

  2. A sarcastic comment in reply to a satirical video, brilliant!
    Irony and ridicule are the main techniques used in satire, which is a form of comedic criticism, to highlight faults. Sarcasm's aim is cruelty and belittlement.
    Or it could be that you're not being sarcastic and your judgement is off. Currently on YouTube, the Oliver video has gone viral and is around 1 million views with those viewing the video registering around 97% Likes and 3%Dislikes.
    The last sentence has a hint of ridicule, another technique used in satire and in the Oliver video.

  3. I'll give him the owls and hats -- not bad relative to the rest of it -- but it's more of a rant than anything else, should be left to the ranters. Reminded me of Carlin in reverse, another otherwise gifted comic.

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