A Green City in a Dry Climate

Relatively wealthy areas near coastlines can adapt to severe drying using desalinization. Perth, Australia provides an example.

Unfortunately there is a large associated energy demand, but fortunately, at least in principle, solar can supply it.


  1. Both Adelaide and Perth rely most heavily on wind to power desal. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Perth_Seawater_Desalination_Plant

    South Australia's been bragging a lot that about a third of our power now being provided by wind - but that's just luck provided by reasonable weather, no drought conditions, since the plant was completed. The reason for getting so many wind farms going so quickly was to ensure we'd have enough power for desal in Adelaide, but by the time the plant was ready the drought was over.

    It'll be interesting to see how that power use changes once we have one or two El Nino years in a row with or without an unfavorable Indian Ocean at the same time, or a prolonged drought from any cause.

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