International Monetary Fund calls missing carbon tax “Fossil Fuel Subsidy”

Since its release on Wednesday, the IMF’s foray into climate change policy has developed quite a buzz. The headline figure – $1.9 trillion in annual fossil fuel subsidies – is indeed quite eye-catching. However, the majority of the subsidies in question are about $1.2 trillion from a “missing” and somewhat arbitrary carbon tax of $25/ton CO2. [more]

The 100 Year Starship

By forcing ourselves to solve the problems inherent in developing the capability to send humans to another star system we develop the capability to live sustainably here on earth. We won’t get where we need to go (be it sustainability or another star system) with incremental steps. Giant leaps (for mankind) are required. [more]

The Mysterious Appeal of the Single-Event Mantra

Did Barack Obama mean for the attention lavished on climate change in his second inaugural address – beginning with the acknowledgement that we “will respond to climate change” because to do otherwise would be to “betray our children” and ending with talk of “care commandeered” and “creeds declared” – to signal that the White House will shortly present a transparent and meaningfully-scaled plan with a mobilization-style timeline for transitioning away from fossil fuels? [more]

The Return of Fakegate

Given that the only informed and ethical strategy is to leave as much carbon as possible in the ground, it’s obvious that there is a huge economic interest among the holders of the carbon reserve in delaying that understanding and delaying the implementation of that policy. Humans being what they are, some will act dishonestly. Peter Gleick’s transgression of social norms may have served the larger purpose of revealing some of the mechanisms these dishonest agents use. [more]