Geothermal Energy: Enhancing Our Future

“CPG benefits include sequestering CO2; making geothermal energy accessible in geographic regions where it has not been economically feasible to use this natural heat source for generating power; and storing energy from solar or wind farms. CPG could produce ten times more geothermal energy than traditional geothermal approaches currently yield, offering an important new source of renewable energy while simultaneously contributing to the reduction of CO2 entering the atmosphere due to fossil fuel burning.”

Via Treehugger

First I’ve heard of this coupling with CCS. But I did see some tantalizing inklings of deep geothermal at AGU 2012. This is very encouraging, but I presume it isn’t a Breakthrough Institute “breakthrough” in the sense that it will be cheap enough to compete with digging filthy s*** up and torching it.

I would like to know if running such a plant and having a meaningful CO2 sink can be done at the same time and place. They seem to gloss that over.

Can We Talk About Climategate?

From the “Ding dong! The witch is dead!” department.

Delingpole, until recently a columnist at the influential Telegraph newspaper in the UK, has finally been properly marginalized.

He is now part of the new Breitbart UK enterprise, which may get a lot of clicks but hopefully not much influence.

It’s time that the comparable fringe of American denialism got the same treatment.

Un-natural variability


Extraordinary persistent rainfall is behind the flooding in the UK.

As with Russia and Pakistan 2010, Texas 2011, and Australia pretty much constantly for the last decade, this is so far out of the ordinary that “natural variability” seems inadequate as an explanation. How many freak seasons do we need before we say there’s a pattern?

Thanks to Dan Olner for the pointer and the UKMO for the image.