Uh-Oh: Greenland Surface Melting off to a Quick Start

Tom Yulsman in Discover Magazine:

It’s too soon to tell whether this is just a flash in the pan or the start of a really big melt year. There are examples in the past when “brief spikes of 30 and 40 percent occurred even though the year turned out to be fairly normal,” [NSIDC lead scientist] Scambos told me…greenland_melt_area_plot2

That said, “Persistence at this level would get my attention,” Scambos says.

The Current El Nino Picture

via Kevin Trenberth


It’s early days and it may not pan out, but we’re still on track for a Super-ENSO.

The image (Slide 43 in this briefing) shows the evolution of the equatorial temperature anomaly through time in the two super-El-Ninos in the observational record, and the evolution to date of the current likely El Nino.

UPDATE: Peter Sinclair has more


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