What’s on Your Mind? (July)

Jane Meyer says the Koch brothers’ PAC has representatives pledging to vote against “legislation relating to climate change unless it is accompanied by an equivalent amount of tax cuts” and that “the pledge essentially commits those who sign to it to vote against nearly any meaningful bill regarding global war[m]ing”. Comment on this or other matters? [more]

Open Thread 4

“Eli has a modest suggestion: Proposed outreach, so called “broader outcomes” have become an important part of grant applications and press releases are certainly an outreach. Require all press releases to be included in any grant renewal request. Let the reviewers at em.” Actually, maybe we (researchers) should just write them. Insofar as I can tell, press offices at scientific institutions uniformly subtract value. What do you think?

Open Thread II – Severe Events

We’ll have another feature article up in a couple of days.

Meanwhile, any topic is fair game as commentary to this article (though as always we prefer comments that are interesting, thoughtful and kind over ones that are boring, trite or mean).

In the event that y’all are tongue-tied in coming up with a topic, I’d like to propose an increasingly common question and increasingly important question that is likely to get some special attention in the next few weeks, and which I expect to be at the center of a legitimate controversy for a long time to come. [more]