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It’s The End of the World as We Know It

Chris Searles is a friend of a friend, and is best known as the drummer for Alejandro Escovedo. It turns out he has been thinking quite a lot about the climate crisis, and has written a very thoughtful piece about it. He called it “The 5 most interesting things about the world’s biggest problem” and while I thought I should tone the title down a notch, the points he makes provide an interesting perspective on our quandary. [more]

Curry Asks “Why Heartland”? Here’s an Answer.

Heartland’s role in dragging out action on the tobacco industry and their targeting of children refutes their “little old us” posture. Heartland’s purpose is to influence state and federal legislatures in favor of its “donors”, including industries with dubious ethical positions. Providing this service is legal, but Heartland’s ethics, its credibility, its viability, and its tax exempt status merit serious concern.