Michael Tobis

Michael Tobis

Michael Tobis, editor-in-chief of Planet3.0 and site cofounder, has always been interested in the interface between science and public policy. He holds a doctorate from the University of Wisconsin - Madison in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences where he developed a 3-D ocean model on a custom computing platform. He has been involved in sustainability conversations on the internet since 1992, has been a web software developer since 2000, and has been posting sustainability articles on the web since 2007.

Recent Articles

Peo­ple often ask me if I’m an advo­cate for some kind of pol­icy. Do I want every­body to have a car­bon tax, do I want every­one to drive a Prius, do I want every­body to have a renew­able energy standard? I have opin­ions about all of those things, but that’s not what I am advo­cat­ing for. [more]

Politics Prefers the Muddle

If we are to communicate clearly about climate disruption, we should be capable of understanding that “climate change” and “global warming” and “climate disruption” are different but related concepts with distinct and important meanings. But renowned social scientists and journalism professors say otherwise. [more]

Whither Planet 3.0?

So what other notable online efforts are there to build a responsible conversation about the future? What role should Planet3.0 play in the new context? What other internet-based projects can we contemplate to advance public understanding and engagement in the complexities we face? [more]

June Open Thread

Anything goes.

Suggested topic: What will the impacts be if a very large El Nino occurs over the next 18 months, as appears increasingly likely? Will the “hiatus” talk end? How will the global conversation change?