Paul Baer

Paul Baer

Paul Baer is the Research Director for EcoEquity. Previously he was an Assistant Professor at the Georgia Institute of Technology's School of Public Policy and a climate economist for Union of Concerned Scientists. He is an internationally recognized expert on equity and global climate policy, and a co-author of the Greenhouse Development Rights framework.

Recent Articles

International Monetary Fund calls missing carbon tax “Fossil Fuel Subsidy”

Since its release on Wednesday, the IMF’s foray into climate change policy has developed quite a buzz. The headline figure – $1.9 trillion in annual fossil fuel subsidies – is indeed quite eye-catching. However, the majority of the subsidies in question are about $1.2 trillion from a “missing” and somewhat arbitrary carbon tax of $25/ton CO2. [more]

The Worth of an Ice Sheet

The way in which conventional economic analysis about climate policy, such as that of the Stern Review, justifies conclusions supporting mitigation actually provides grounds for mitigation opponents to argue against more stringent targets. The positive case for a truly precautionary policy must stand on other grounds. [more]