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The Real Debate on Climate is Happening in San Francisco

The Doha negotiations coincide with the annual meeting of the American Geophysical Union (AGU) in San Francisco, a five-day conference attended by 20,000 scientists, myself included, which provides a glimpse at the leading edge of climate research around the world. This is the research that helps us understand the reality of climate change. [more]

The Inescapable Implication of Uncertainty

[This article originally appeared on Shaping Tomorrow’s World, author retains copyright]

By Stephan Lewandowsky
Winthrop Professor and Australian Professorial Fellow, School of Psychology, University of Western Australia
Original posted on 26 March 2012

In a previous post, we saw that uncertainty is not your friend. In a nutshell, if there is uncertainty, things could be worse than anticipated as well as better. [more]

Uncertainty is Not Your Friend

Uncertainty means things could be worse than anticipated. Uncertainty in climate evolution means things are as likely to be worse, as they are better, than anticipated. The greater the uncertainty, the more likely we could be faced with some very serious consequences. Arguments from uncertainty support vigorous action to reduce human inputs to within natural bounds, rather than license to continue to act outside them.