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Hurricane Sandy and the Climate Hens

It is inevitable that when anyone anywhere tries to talk about climate change in relation to things in the here and now rather than some murky, distant future, a particular group descends to cluck their tongues and admonish everyone that climate change can’t be tied to any individual event . The “climate hawk” nomenclature favors a different term for the group: climate hens. [more]

Rubbish Reporting

Lies, in recent days about pesticide, use are picked up by supposedly centrist media to assuage their conscience about other environmental issues where they have given too much credence to otehr lies. Public understanding of the issues doesn’t appear to be a key goal of this sort of journalism. [more]

New, Low Climate Sensitivity Result: Interview with Nathan Urban

ThingsBreak has an awesome interview with Nathan Urban up on our What’s New In Science sub-blog, on new research estimating the influence of carbon dioxide on the climate. It finds a weaker influence (and with less uncertainty) than many previous studies. The bunkosphere of course celebrates the result and takes matters a bit too far.