mt Speaks in Austin Noon Sunday – WHY CLIMATE CHANGE IS A HARD PROBLEM

Seen on Austin EcoNetwork:

The world has had a couple of generations of stability and a global economic system has emerged that has many benefits. Meanwhile, global sustainability problems like climate change have emerged which are technically solvable but which the current world finds very difficult to cope with. This talk will outline the scope of the problem, examine why the usual solutions we have developed to our problems are so ineffective against it, and discuss how we can move forward both locally here in Texas and globally as citizens of the world.

Bio: Dr. Michael Tobis recently retired from a career as a geophysicist studying climate physics, and is moving into writing and speaking about climate and sustainability. Michael started out as an engineering student but was drawn to apply engineering skills to large problems with social importance. He received a doctorate from the University of Wisconsin – Madison in 1996 for a novel approach to ocean models, and has held appointments at Argonne National Laboratory, the University of Chicago and the University of Texas. He is the founder and editor of the sustainability news website, and is currently working on a book about ways to remove carbon dioxide from the environment.


First Unitarian Universalist Church of Austin, Pubic Affairs Forum, Green Sanctuary Committee

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