Peculiar Naomi Klein Interview

Whatever you may think of Naomi Klein, it’s interesting to watch how much her interviewer wishes she were interviewing somebody else.

(I didn’t quite catch what that little bit of snipping was about at the two minute mark. Anyone catch what the interviewer said?)

The barely restrained mutual contempt disdain strikes me as a confrontation between authenticity and inauthenticity, but of course your mileage may vary.


  1. At the two minute mark it's a dig about whether they should be called "tar sands" or "oil sands". The current Canadian government has been trying to get everyone to call them oil sands.

    There was much better (long) interview with Naomi on Michael Enright's show on CBC radio on Sunday. Really refreshing to hear an interviewer who has clearly read the book, understands the issues, and wants an intelligent discussion on the implications:

  2. At 2:00 interviewer (WM) says: "We're supposed to call them the 'oil sands'." as opposed to the "tar sands". She doesn't say who "we" is, and I would guess that she means CBC media people were told that "oil sands" is less judgemental, so that's the term she uses. Naomi has a good response, says "you maybe, but I don't".

    I watch CBC news, and so have watched WM for about 25 years, and her performance as an anchor for the past 5 years. I have never once heard her make an insightful comment. I suspect she interprets her role as having no opinion whatsoever. In this she is no different from many other (most) interviewers and journalists. It makes for boring news, I find. The only interesting part was the "personal question". She really honestly wants to know (4:35) "Why did you write this?". I suspect she does not understand a genuine concern for the planet, and therefore doesn't entirely believe the answer.

    I did not detect mutual contempt, but I find WM not entirely at ease when interviewing another woman (notice the nervous and inappropriate giggling). Possibly each of us is reading something not there.

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