QOTW: Krugman

When the going gets tough, the people losing the argument start whining about civility.Paul Krugman (h/t Eli)


  1. Ah, I liked that one too. As well at this note about trolls from Eli:

    "Eli, being Eli, has been excessively annoyed by the trolls at the Breakdown Institute. True, they are excellent trolls, whose mission in life is to demand the impossible and denigrate the possible, a tried and true tactic if your purpose is to block all progress and, indeed they do appear to be prospering."

  2. Krugman again, along the same lines. Spot on:

    "But there is, as I said, a lot of derp out there. And what that means, in turn, is that you shouldn’t pretend that we’re having a real discussion when we aren’t. In fact, it’s intellectually dishonest and a public disservice to pretend that such a discussion is taking place. We can and indeed are having a serious discussion about the effects of quantitative easing, but people like Paul Ryan and Cliff Asness are not part of that discussion, because no evidence could ever change their view. It’s not economics, it’s just derp."

    Is this a strategy that people tried with climate deniers that didn't work? Or was it just not done effectively?

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