Are you serious?


If you say ‘it’s something else and I don’t know what it is’ my answer is ‘something else that happens, by accident, to perfectly match the carbon dioxide increase? Are you serious?’

Earth to Muller: no, they aren’t. Never have been. Are you surprised?


  1. Hum. He's still dismissive of previous climate science, isn't he? Can't help but think: so, Muller, you worked through all of this stuff yourself from first principles - and your results just *happen* to exactly match those of all the other climate groups you've so harshly criticised? Are you serious?

  2. One might find it easier to approve Dr. Muller's belated jump on the wagon of truth if he would check his ego at the door and apologize for some of his more infamous characterizations of that same truth, still being pushed out and promoted hither and yon by those who prefer to ignore his recent efforts to take possession of a proper acknowledgment of reality.

  3. Sure it was arrogant of Muller to scoff at the consensus initially, but it gave him cred with the deniers, and his independent confirmation of the temperature trend pulled another leg out from under them. For that he deserves thanks, IMO.

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