ATTP takes on Prof Steve Fuller


Well, I have to admit that it’s still not clear to me how we benefit from one group of researchers studying another, but I don’t think that’s really the issue. The real issue seems to be that STS researchers often seem to infer much more from their research than is reasonable. It may well be interesting to study scientists as a group, but it can tell you very little (if anything) about science itself. If you want to understand the systems being studied, you study those systems, you don’t study those who are doing the research.

mt joins in the fun


  1. Dear Sir, You are wrong on the human extinction event that we are now experiencing. You will live to see all the trees dead, but not much longer after that. Imagine no trees, no plankton, one tenth the oxygen in the air you breath, the average temperature in our most productive farming regions at 130 degrees. But that's nothing compared to the massive hydrogen sulfide release from the ocean that will ultimately take your life. So sad that you couldn't see the effects of the warm acidified ocean, which will cause a bloom of microbes that will if fact change the atmosphere and make the Earth uninhabitable. I could explain the prodded by which this will occur, but I am afraid you would only deny it. Co2 increase =temp increase= CH4 release from ocean floor=Continued increase in ocean temperatures = oxygen depletion= anoxia oceans= Bloom of anaerobic bacteria that produce hydrogen sulfide. The end.

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