Planet 3 Redux

Between 2011 and 2016, Planet 3 has had about 300 articles by about 2 dozen contributors. We are in the process of redesigning the enterprise, taking account of lessons learned.

If you’d like more info or would like to help, please contact .

A “Best of Planet 3” volume is in preparation. [more]

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What’s On Topic for Planet3.0

This site is mostly on hiatus with occasional bouts of introspection, pending a technical reworking. Comments are off. mt aims to restart it in early 2016. (mt remains active on the internet, welcomes any kindhearted input and vows to learn from experience. Follow @mtobis for cryptic tweets and links to longer writings elsewhere.)

Whither Planet 3.0?

So what other notable online efforts are there to build a responsible conversation about the future? What role should Planet3.0 play in the new context? What other internet-based projects can we contemplate to advance public understanding and engagement in the complexities we face? [more]

It’s Your Planet!

Lurking? Please speak up! What do you like about P3? What do you think about an article or a link? Constructive comments are always welcome; certainty and bluster are less interesting than thoughtful indecision. Let us know what’s on your mind!

Planet3 is also seeking contributed articles, and articles elsewhere to which to link. [more]

Public Talk by mt Saturday

mt will be talking to the Austin Yeller Dawg Democrats on “Texas in the Changing Climate: Victim, Villain, or Hero?”. He’d just as soon talk to the Republicans but so far they seem less inclined to invite him. Anyway, anybody local or who happens to be passing through is invited. [more]

On Commenting at P3

Comments sent by anyone other than a logged-in member are moderated before posting, usually within a day. Comments, if any, that don’t appear to constructive are visible in each article’s “shadow thread” visible at the bottom of the comments with a “click *here*” link. If your comment appears in neither place within a couple of days, it was a false positive for the spam detectors, and fell afoul of the automated spam filter. [more]

Hardware Problems & Growing Pains

The site has been unreliable of late. Our hosting service informs us that the hardware that we are sharing is getting flakey and will be upgraded April 3. Meanwhile we have somewhat restricted resources. If you run into problems we’d appreciate reports as to when you ran into a problem and what the error message was. [more]

It’s Your Planet!

It’s great that you’re reading but it would help a great deal if you decided to pitch in! An easy way to participate is to nominate a quote of the week. If you know of a brief quote that would be of interest to fellow planeteers, let us know here.

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Our Bailiwick

This is a futurist site. Here’s a discussion of the topics we are trying to explore.

Since we come out of the climate tradition, our take on the future puts the climate front and center. By “science informed”, we mean that we accept the climate science consensus. By “wide-ranging”, we mean that we don’t believe that climate is the whole story. [more]

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What you see

The new layout you see is just the first of many improvements we have in store for the site.

In addition to the clean modern look, it will be readable on small screens, so you can catch up on the planetary perspective on the run. [more]