June Open Thread

Anything goes.

Suggested topic: What will the impacts be if a very large El Nino occurs over the next 18 months, as appears increasingly likely? Will the “hiatus” talk end? How will the global conversation change?

April Open Thread

Suggested Topic: Have you read the IPCC WG II Summary for Policymakers yet? Or are you all focused on whether Nate Silver’s choice of Roger Pielke Jr. as a climate statistician makes any sense?

Anything goes. Moderation is lighter than on other articles.

February Open Thread

Anything goes.

Suggested topics:

How should a person not versed in a controversial subject identify which sources are reliable?

How should the press and the public view peer review as input into their decision making? Would a reinvention of the academic publication infrastructure help?

December Open Thread

Anything goes, per usual.

Also, we are taking nominations for the Golden Horseshoe Awards for 2014 – We usually like to avoid the noise and focus on the signal, but for the New Year we’d like to send some awards for the biggest and most misleading claims in the climate world. [more]

November Open Thread

Anything goes.

Suggested Topic: Conversations about climate and sustainability seem to have a way of making no progress. Issues include definition of terms, overlapping and complex issues, differing values and norms, and sheer confusion about facts. Is there any way to fight back against the confusion?