Dan Moutal

Dan Moutal

Dan Moutal is the co-founder of Planet3.0, a photographer, and blogger trying to find solutions to the most complex and pressing problems we have ever faced.

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Canada’s climate policy delayed again

At this rate Canada’s emission regulations should be ready by 2025.

Canada is once again delaying emissions regulations in the oil and gas sector, despite major pipeline projects that continue to put intense scrutiny on the energy industry’s environmental track record

The regulations were first promised seven years ago, and Alberta has recently criticized the federal government for delays in introducing them.

Warming at 4 Hiroshima bombs per second: a widget to raise awareness about global warming

A frustratingly stubborn climate myth is that global warming stopped in 1998. It hasn’t. In fact the earth is currently accumulating extra heat at a rate of 4 Hiroshima nuclear bombs per second!

To help drive home the point climate change hasn’t stopped, or paused, but has continued unabated the friendly robots over at Skeptical Science have created this widget showing just how quickly the earth is accumulating energy. [more]