Quick Links March 8 2012

Some important items today, including too many videos to feature all at once!

Greenman’s excellent Mike Mann video is up at the Yale Climate Journalism site.

Dan Olner points to a Guardian piece “Nine ways scientists can help improve science journalism“, and if we ever run out of things to say around here, that will provide nine interesting articles.

Englishmen in our audience may be interested in the public discussion about science journalism at the Royal Institution on the 13th, and we’d greatly appreciate a report if any of our readers can make it.

As I’ve long suspected, many Romney supporters are banking on his hypocrisy, and some even hope he will become a climate hawk in office. Even if Romney prevails, which looks unlikely, this is not going to happen – maybe only Nixon can go to China, but no American Republican president can be a climate hawk for some time to come.

Jon Foley, who on the whole is a force for good, is starting to sound Breakthrough-Institutey, though in his unguarded moments (see embedded video at the link) it seems that he thinks that “the best we can manage” is not really very good. Those of us who come up as mostly indifferent to this sort of compromise basically conclude that it is really unlikely that this sort of “realism” will even make a noticeable dent in the looming disaster.

Jim Hansen’s TED talk is compelling.

Weatherman and climate reporter Dan Satterfield escapes Alabama with his skin intact.

Young chicken farmer to head what is reputedly the world’s second largest governmental environmental agency.

aand… peak coffee.

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