Quick Links March 9

I Want You for Scientific Python.

Gore’s movie wasn’t wrong, just slightly prescient, about sea level refugees. Entire nation of Kiribati to be relocated over rising sea level threat.

Hate to link to Greg Pollowitz, who is a contemptible POS, but this is interesting. Bi-Partisan Opposition to Obama’s Natural Gas Car Push” rel=”nofollow”>Bi-Partisan Opposition to Obama’s Natural Gas Car Push

Hawai’i is flooding.

You’ve probably seen the Six Americas of global warming, right?

Meanwhile, Ontario adapts.

Another book about the deniers: James Powell’s The Inquisition of Climate Science. Any volunteers for a review?

And another book about the warming: Henry Pollack’s A World Without Ice

Keith recycles the tired “if both sides criticize you you must be right” defense of mainstream science journalism. Hint: maybe, but maybe not. Another hint: see if there’s anybody holding a middle position.

Connecting the dots between emissions and tornados. Also here.

West Africa is on the verge of a drought catastrophe affecting 13 million people as the desert continues to expand.

The Economist on why nuclear reactors are expensive and likely to remain so.

A movement advocating slower science. “Fast science, like fast food, favors quantity over quality”.

Can science nerds support an iTunes economy of science/tech stories at 99 cents a pop?

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